Thomas Hastings

Cost of Securing IEEE 802.11s Mesh Networks Using CJDNS

May 10, 2017 on Research

Abstract - The Internet is weak, it is broken, and we are not doing anything to fix it. The Internet can be affected by natural disasters, wars, governments, and surveillance. It is running out of address space and the internet service providers are not incentivized to fix it. Mesh networks, using the IEEE standard 802.11s, may one day provide a more robust and resilient infrastructure. Although mesh networking is not a new idea or a new concept, wireless mesh networking is stripping previous barriers to entry. IEEE 802.11s makes mesh networks a reality for users who otherwise would never have been able to setup such a distributed network. Applications like cjdns are making it easier than ever to create secure wireless mesh network among communities. This paper will look at the system costs associated with using cjdns. How much performance are we willing to sacrifice for ease of use and security?

Full Paper: Cost of Securing IEEE 802.11s Mesh Networks Using CJDNS