Thomas Hastings

User Interaction Metrics for Hybrid Mobile Applications

July 24, 2018 on Research

Understanding user behavior and interactions in
mobile applications is critical for developers to understand where
to spend limited resources when adding, updating, and testing
features but current tools do not do a good job of providing
actionable insights. User behavior insights can provide value to
the developer when it’s time to code and implement new features.
Google Analytics and New Relic provide user insights but they fall
short when it comes to identifying user interactions and behaviors
as it pertains to individual features of mobile applications We
have developed a framework with middleware that provides user
interaction insights, using time-series analysis, to hybrid mobile
applications along with an empirical study to showcase the value
of the framework.

Full Paper: User Interaction Metrics for Hybrid Mobile Applications
ISBN: 1-60132-489-8, CSREA Press © Pages 30-35